Super Simple Baseball Game

This game is meant to be the simplest baseball game possible that allows you to play a few innings and introduce the most fundmental features baseball to kids. Three outs in an inning, a run is scored after you move from first, to second, to third, and back to home. I came up with this game to play with my 3 year old daughter. I hope to introduce her to more detailed baseball games in the future, but you have to start somewhere.

If you are looking for an ultra realistic baseball game to compete with Baseball Mogul or Diamond Mind, this game is not for you. There is no cutting edge strategy, and the players are all considered to have the same ability. While a .333 on base percentage is typical for a 2011 era baseball game. the extra base hits are more frequent than what we see today, especially triples. In this case realism takes a back seat to excitement. The scoring level for this game would typically be 7 runs per 9 innings of play.

Leading off is five tool center fielder Mickey M.

The Rules:

  • Roll two 6 sided dice, it helps to have dice of different colors.
  • Dice #1: Batter/Pitcher Matchup
    1-2Batter Reaches Base
    3-6Batter is out
  • Dice #2: Outcome
    • If Safe:
    • If Out:
      2Groundout, all runners advance
      3Groundout, runners advance if forced
      4Groundout, double play if runner on 1st and less than 2 out. All others advance.
      5Shallow Flyout, runners hold
      6Deep Flyout, runners on 2B or 3B advance one base
  • Optional: Stolen bases
    Runners may attempt to steal second or third base if open.

That's all you need, plus a piece of paper to write down the lineups and record the play by play. One thing that helped us have a fun game, but is completely optional, is to have figures to represent the players and a few bases set out to move them around as they get their hits. You can play with generic baseball player #1, #2, etc., or use names of real players. What we used is my daughter's stuffed animals. We started by picking teams, then deciding on a lineup for them. It makes the game seem a bit more fun for a young fan. After the game was over, players from both sides all joined together for a tea party and picnic.

The jawa Lavar Solo, just before hitting a homerun with Frog on base